Aluminium Composite Panel are Impressively Versatile
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Aluminium Composite Panel are Impressively Versatile

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Aluminium Composite Panel are Impressively Versatile

Aluminium Composite Panel is characterized as a sandwich panel which consists of mineral core bonded between two Aluminium sheets.

The outstanding flatness, high material rigidity and distinctive technology of continuous coating make it possible to manufacture Aluminum Composite Panels with a perfectly even surface or a complicated form.

Aluminium Composite Panel is a versatile material which not only offers a whole number of benefits but also can be used extensively in various kind of work operations. Here are a few advantages

1. High Material Adaptability and Flexibility

2. Rigid but strong

3. Weather and UV resistance

4. Increase rigidity and durability

5. Minimal Maintenance

6. Ease of formation and processing

7. Offers good thermal as well as sound insulation

8. Exemplary Performance, Durable Life and Strong Composition

9. Ease of installation as they can be bent, cut, drilled, punched and stamped without the loss of surface integrity.

10. Lightweight material.

Addressed as a revolutionary and versatile decorative building material, Aluminium Composite Panel is developed as an ideal decorative material for the buildings.

Aluminium Composite Panel are widely used for the exterior covering of the commercial buildings and corporate houses. The panels are used for the external and internal architectural partitions or cladding, false ceilings, machine covering and container construction. As an adjunct to this, the high rigidity in the panels allow using of the large size panels for building cladding offering a wide number of design possibilities, facilitating a mounting procedure and decreasing the installation time. Alstrong, one of the leading ACP manufacturer having PAN India distribution and ACP dealers.

Alstrong India, offers superior quality products changing the landscape of the country. The significance of quality in instilled in every person and ensured that the product meets the exact standards before it reaches the customer. The brand offers a number of Aluminum Composite Panels ranging from the Cambria, Imperium, Sparkling, Sand and High Gloss Series.