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Partition Panel

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  • Standard Colours

    Also Available In

    • 100% Water proof & maintenance free
    • BFT Guard (Borer, Fungus and Termite Proof)
    • Washable
    • Stain resistant
    • Excellent sound and thermal insulations
    • Reduces labour cost as no polishing required
    • Environment Friendly
    • Excellent Flatness
    • Unbreakable
    • Customised Colors
    • Light Weight & Rigid
  • Panel Dimensions

    Standard Sizes 915 mm x 2440 mm
    915 mm x 3050 mm
    915 mm x 3660 mm
    1220 mm x 2440 mm
    1220 mm x 3050 mm
    1220 mm x 3660 mm
    4.5 mm HB-XVII
    To be used for interiors only

    Panel Options

    LENGTH Upon Request
    THICKNESS 4 mm to 6 mm
    Custom colors & grades can be produced on request.
    • Partitions
    • Wall Paneling
    • Doors & Windows
    • Cubicles etc.

* Product color may vary from actual shade. Please refer shade card / sample for actual shade before placing the order.

Feeling cramped in your space? Aluminum Partition Panel allows the space to be optimized with dividers. This will allow you to personally design the place based on the individual needs, leading to an increased productivity and efficiency in the location. Alstrong's Aluminum Partition Panel comes in several shades in varying widths and heights to meet your needs and demands.

The need of a partition panel for office or anywhere is the capacity to support a surface to be able to withstand damage. They are made with superior materials for structural support. They offer optimum rigidity with long lasting durability. They can be used to create separate work spaces, divide an area, room partitions and other purposes.

Features of Alstrong Aluminum Partition Panel

1. Abrasion Resistant – The panels possess the ability to withstand any method of wearing down or rubbing away.

2. BFT Guard and Convex and Concave Bending

3. Maintenance Free – They do not require rigorous maintenance.

4. Water Proofing – The panels are water-resistant under most of the conditions.

5. Excellent Thermal and Sound Insulation – The panels offer splendid thermal and sound insulation.

6. Stain Resistant – Resistant to being stained and marked.

7. Washable & Recyclable – The panels are washable & recyclable.

8. Environment-Friendly – They produce no waste or negative impacts on the environment.

9. Excellent Flatness – Excellent Flatness eliminating distortion or deflection

Advantages of Aluminum Partition Panel

1. These can be easily constructed

2. They are lightweight

3. As the cross-section is thin they occupy less area of the floor.

4. Offers required privacy for the inhabitants of the building

Customized panels according to specific colour and grades can be produced for the customers. It is used majorly for interior applications. It has protective film and it is recommended to remove protective film within 45 days. For more help in making your space a little more versatile place to work, contact Alstrong India for the right partition panel for office. At Alstrong India, we strive to help you maximize your potential.